“Rabbi Wayne Dosick introduces us to a holy interface with Divinity, a way for us to grasp humanly the utterly transcendent Ein Sof / Infinite God. He reveals what has been hidden before our eyes, God as the Great Hineyni, the Great “Here I Am.” We need a name that recognizes that when we say we are created b’tzelem Elohim, in the Divine archetype, microcosms of the Divine Macrocosm, we mean that what makes us human includes our personhood, our self-understanding as “I.” God in God’s Infinity includes God “Godding” as “self,” as I, and as Thou. How can we fulfill the mitzvah of our times, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ without recognizing that the Holy ‘I Am’ is an essential partner in every loving relationship? Rabbi Dosick is a powerful teacher for our times.”

Rabbi Shaya Isenberg, Ph.D.
Professor of Religion Emeritus, University of Florida,
Faculty, Aleph Rabbinic Program